Who can do Pilates?

1505-06-189-CF-Edit EVERYONE!

Common Myth – Pilates is only for Women

As Pilates trains the body as a whole and does not over develop specific muscles, more and more men are participating in classes. Today, all around the world, professional sportsmen are required to include Pilates in their training.


Common Myth – Pilates is for the Young and Strong

The best part of Pilates is that the exercises can be modified for various body types, physical conditions and individual needs. Even an 80-year old person can benefit from Pilates by improving muscle imbalances, posture, co-ordination and mental well-being. Of course, it is advisable for each individual to consult with their doctor before starting any exercise programme.


Common Myth – Pilates is not suitable for physically impaired individuals, the injured or for those who require physical therapy

Pilates was originally designed as rehabilitation. It is known to speed up recovery and the healing process of an injury or surgery without causing further harm. Pilates re-educates the body’s movements to improve poor or pain causing movements.

Pilates therefore does not discriminate against women, men, young and old, anyone with a chronic disease or someone recovering from injury.


If you can answer Yes to any one of the questions below:

  • Do I need client specific training?
  • Do I need to tone?
  • Do I need stress relief?
  • Do I need to relieve aches and pains?
  • Do I need flexibility?
  • I am pregnant and need to find a safe form of exercise?
  • Do I need to improve my posture?
  • Do I need to improve my sports performance?


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