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The Pilates Reformer

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The reformer is a form of apparatus invented by Joseph Pilates.

The reformer is a bed like machine which works using a number of springs which are adjustable for individual levels of resistance training. Resistance training is important as it adds strength and endurance to your muscles. The Pilates reformer will transform your body much faster than simply doing mat exercises, but this does not mean that you will end up looking like a bodybuilder! Exercises on the reformer provide a wider range of motion thereby enabling you to work your core more effectively and efficiently.

The Pilates Reformer

All kinds of exercises can be performed on the reformer to promote length, flexibility, balance  and of course strength. The instability of a rolling carriage with the springs set at different levels of resistance provides all kinds of stability challenges that develop core strength and promote better balance.

Exercising on the reformer is possible for anyone, no matter what your fitness level!

What is soft apparatus?

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These are small portable items such as mats, magic circles, foam rollers, therabands (elastic  bands) and various sizes of exercise balls.

Pilates Magic Circle

What is soft apparatus?

Pilates Exercise Ball (Large)

What is soft apparatus?

Pilates Therabands (Exercise Bands)

What is soft apparatus?

Pilates Foam Rollers

Incorporating these various items into the mat classes, not only make the class more interesting and fun, but also provides additional resistance in some instances or increases the difficulty of a specific exercise (in the case of intermediate and advanced classes).

There are literally hundreds of exercises that can be performed with these items, so why not come and join for your first free class to give it a try!

Why I decided to do Pilates

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Why choose Pilates?Years of competitive horse riding and bad posture at my office desk resulted in many hours (and not to mention the medical expenses) of physiotherapy.  After years of physio sessions, my physio suggested that I should look into attending some Pilates classes, “This will definitely help with your bad back, “ she said. Following a little investigation, I found someone offering classes close to home and off I went.

My 3 weekly Pilates classes became the highlight of my week! Having that hour to focus on myself began to work wonders on my bad back and posture and gradually began to improve my core strength. As a side effect, I also found my stress levels dropping as well. Within 3 months, the consistent lower back pain that I used to endure, was something of the past.

So what is it about Pilates that works so well to relieve back pain?

The exercises designed by Joseph Pilates address the underlying structural imbalances in the body that lead to back pain. Issues such as lack of core support, pelvic instability, muscular imbalances, lack of body awareness and poor posture all play a part in back health.

With regular attendance, the exercises specially created to correct posture, develop core strength, improve flexibility and body awareness will most certainly help to alleviate your back pain!

I became completely passionate about Pilates and firmly believe in the benefits it has to offer.

So why not give it a try and see what it could do for you!